New, Unique Drying Cabinets from PODAB

Faster, Larger and more Energy Efficient

PODAB introduce four drying cabinets for every specific need. If you need the fastest, largest or most energy efficient drying cabinet, PODAB has it. Drying cabinets are ideal for drying delicate garments that should not be tumble dried.

ProLine TS 63 VP – Energy efficient drying cabinet with heat pump
 It is a new, unique drying cabinet with a heat pump. The most energy efficient drying cabinet on the market. The energy consumption is very low, only 0,25 kWh/kg.

ProLine TS 63 E - Effective and fast drying process
It is the most effective drying cabinet on the market. The drying time is very short, only 42 minutes and the energy consumption is only 0,5 kWh/kg.

ProLine TS 93 E – The largest capacity
It has the capacity to dry great amounts of laundry in a short time. With 32 meters hanging length and a stable construction, the drying cabinet is ideal for drying rugs or larger textiles such as sheets, curtains etc.
ProLine FC 20 - Heavy duty garments and fire suits
 ProLine FC 20 is developed to dry heavy duty garments both effective and gentle. The dryer is perfect for use at fire departments and in other industries. It has a capacity of drying 6 large heavy duty garments at the same time.
All drying cabinets are equipped with a humidity tracking system, HTS. The system measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry.