Dry wet clean garments in drying cabinets

 Drying Cabinet TS 63 E

Best solution when drying delicate items

Vic Kemi, a big laundry in Gothenburg, uses the drying cabinet TS 63 E to dry wet clean items. In combination with their other products, they give their customers a professional washed and dried product. They use the drying cabinet to dry for example evening dresses, wool jackets and leather jackets.

“We use the drying cabinet TS 63 E to dry delicate garments that should not be tumble dried. Even though we dry at a low temperature the process is very effective. With the drying cabinet we save time and avoid shrinking the garments. The drying cabinet is outstanding, I highly recommend it,” says Stefan Kettelhoit responsible for the Wet Clean department at Vic Kemi.

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